Meet Arktouros

We are a new kind of agency, small and lightweight, but reaching for the stars.

Our experience and passion knows no limit.

We bring better value and higher quality to all our clients.

With over 15 years in the web industry, we have seen it, and bought the t-shirt.

Our base of operations is in Glasgow, but "have laptop, can travel" is our mantra, we are just as happy working here, or on a beach somewhere.


Over the years our team have worked with some very prestigious clients:

Scottish Enterprise
Napier University
L'Oréal Paris
The Scottish Parliament
Baillie Gifford


We live and breathe Sitecore, it is what we do, it is what gets us up in the morning. Well that and a very strong cup of coffee.

Our Sitecore Certified team know the product from HTTPRequestBegin to Session.End(), sorry nerdy joke

From small site enhancements, site builds, and upgrades, to ECM (EXM) projects, DMS (xDB) implementations, and 3rd party integrations we love it all.

More Details

Support / Development
Coveo for Sitecore
Engagement automation
Performance tuning
Solution reviews
3rd party integrations

Other Services

  • Enterprise search solutions (Coveo / Google Search Appliance)
  • Site support, for any .Net based website, we will give anything a try
  • Hosting, including IIS & SQL management
  • Google Analytics setup & customisation
  • and nearly anything else web related